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Unban appeal


Steam Id:417879286
Ban Details:Cheating
Proof:I don't have any proof atm , but i never used any cheats , i got banned first time for cheating by ruller  then i reconnected again see if he unbanned me and it seems that i was unbanned i begin playing in the server then i got banned again by some other admin , i just want to say that i never used any cheats and even if i did why would i use it on my main account?.
Please Reconsider Your Final Decision


Hi Lucille,

We need proofe to continue, othwerwise I will only close the thread. If you could give us your demo. If you do not know how to get it

Try this:

1. Open your Counter Strike 1.6 game Folder
2. Open "cstrike" folder
3. Find file named "[CSGAMERS]_Umbrella_Swarm.dem"
4. Upload the file on mediafire.com
5. Create a new post on this thread and send us the link so we can download it.


I Entered Cstrike Folder But didn't found any demo litterally, i have no idea where demos go but i didn't find any demo and my proof is this :
I searched the entire cs folder nothing found
i am so sorry for not providing the demo
Now there is no Hard Evidence to see if im innocent or not
It's Up to you Admin
Thanks Again.


Lucille you was banned before by Ruller.
Then you bypass the ban and join the server



According to the ban logs, you were banned before and your ban still remains active. Initially, you were banned 4 days ago and unless you can provide that specific demo during the time of your first ban, your current ban will not be removed, as you were most likely issued it because of bypassing your previous ban. Locating your demo in the 'cstrike' folder should not be a problem, as the server records it and saves it automatically. So the only way I can see how your demo wouldn't be saved is that you deleted it manually or the demo is saved elsewhere.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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