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Forum Rules
CSGamers Forum Rules
Updated: 18/07/2023

The rules mentioned below apply to anyone and everyone will receive the same punishment no matter their position.
Disobeying any of the below-mentione rules will result in your account being awarded with 'warning points' or banned from the forums completely.
Chatbox, messages and posts in general:
- You are to communicate with community members in English only. This excludes sending private messages.
- Do not spam or flood the chatbox.
- Swearing, cussing and insulting is forbidden.
- Do not leave any racist, sexist or derogatory remarks. Keep your controversial opinions to yourself.
- Respect all staff members and community members. If you have a problem with someone, reach out to staff to sort out the issue.
- Do not advertise (this excludes mentioning a name of a community; that is not considered advertising).
- Do not post any malicious links.
- Black-mailing or threatening in general is forbidden.
- Do not attempt to deceive or scam other community members.
- Do not 'mini-mod', meaning accusing someone of violating a server rule and 'correcting' them. If you suspect of someone misbehaving, report them to the staff.
- Your account (including your signature) may not consist of any advertisements or anything that would otherwise violate the aforementioned rules.
- Your profile picture and signature may not consist of pornographic, controversial or generally derogatory elements.
- Your account username may not impersonate other existing users.
- After reaching the warning points accumulating 100%, your account will be suspended permanently.
- Violating any of the aforementioned and further mentioned rules on a mass-scale will result in a permanent ban immediately without any prior warnings.
Thread and posts:
- Unless you are the victim or the culprit of the report that has been filed, refrain from posting anything on any report thread. Exception can be made if you are a witness and can vouch for or against the submitted report.
- You may not post more than one reply at once. Meaning that you must wait for a different person to reply until you may make another post in the same thread. Exception can be made if you 'bump' a thread (forum game or any other interactive thread) that has been inactive for more than 2 weeks.
- Be attentive and make sure that you post the thread in its designated category and sub-category.
- Same rules mentioned in the 'chatbox, messages and posts in general' section also apply to threads and posts.
- You are allowed to express your opinion on application threads only if you have more than 10 posts on your account.
- By entering giveaways, participating in any activites, applying or filing any kind of report, make sure that you follow the instructions mentioned in the specified thread, and, if presented, use the designated template.
- Your posts must consist of at least more than 5-6 words and your threads may not contain less than 20 words altogether.
- Refrain from using too many colour pallets whenever posting a thread. Keep it simple and easy to read, especially when the thread you post is a report.

In the scenario of encountering an abusive behaviour from a user on the community forum, please reach out and report them to any of the staff members. Do not escalate the situation.