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Report Balionas

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1.Admin name: Balionas
2.Wich server : Swarm
3.What the admin did : Gived me gag for 1 Day ! and it was my First time insulting 
4.Admin's steamID : i dont have, sry
5.proof (Demo or screenshot ) : Just ask him he wiill tell thats he did it ! ADMIN Balionas: Has gagged L u C i f e R_YT Cs from speaking for 1 day! (say / say_team / voicecomm) 
6.Ar what time in the demo can we see the abuse : /

Note: @Frost Can u do something to this guy ? he is crazy af, hope i will be ungagged or i get 10 min gag ! 

Thanks for reading <3

+ Also he gagged this guy tho for 2 hours ! ADMIN Balionas: Has gagged *m_e_m_o* from speaking for 2 hours! (say / say_team / voicecomm)

Really Crazy staff, hope he will get warned or Removed for this mistakes

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If you claim to be completely innocent, then why is it so difficult for you to upload the demo? Admins are allowed to gag players for insulting (as rules dictate, it can be up to 4 hours, and it doesn't necessarily say that the first gag may not exceed that 10-minute mark). However, I do believe that a 1-day gag is definitely a bit too much.
Anyway, I will ask him about the situation.

Update: talked to Balionas and we both came to a mutual agreement that the length for the gag he issued was a bit too excessive, but you should still watch your profanity and refrain from cussing and/or swearing at players. Your ban will be revoked whenever you will be on the server with a staff member.

- Thread closed.

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