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This is a straight forward guide which includes tips, tactics and guns to help you:
-Level up faster

-Get as many kills as possible even if you are a beginner and only have a few prestiges or none.

-Become a better player overall.


-Staying with your teammates:
Probably the most important and logical tip is staying with your teammates, won't go in any further details cause its straight forward.

-Choosing the right guns:
The best way to get many kills is knowing which guns will suite you the best depending on the situation, for example:

-Big map or bad teammates: Dual Uzi (lvl7) - Good choice if you don't get much help from your teammates, slows down the zombies so you can easily outrun and kill them.

-Small map or strong teammates: Ak47 Paladin (lvl17) - If you are having a hard time getting kills because of the op teammates, make sure to use this gun, it has very high damage and decent accuracy.

-Having good movement:
This is the key for surviving and avoiding death, some tips:

-Do not run in a straight line, this will make sure the zombies will have a hard time hitting you with their powers.
-Do strafes while in the air, you will get a lot faster and will get away quick from the zombies.

-Learn to do jumps from one spot to another, it will save you from dying in most situations.



p2w and you'll be the best

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