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[Format] Unban Request

(This post was last modified: 29-04-2024, 11:34 PM by Frost.)

CSGamers Ban Appeal Format

1. Your in-game username:
2. Describe the situation: 
3. Your steamid:
4. Ban details (from console):
5. Proof (demo only):
6. Wargod's scan (only if you were banned for cheating): 

Your ban appeal will be rejected if:
- You do not include the above-mentioned details and do not follow the format.
- You were banned for blatant cheating.
- You were advertising.
- Your ban appeal containts profanity, insulting, swearing or anything else that violates our forum rules.
- You shared your account and your account ended up being banned because of someone else's actions.
- Your ban appeal does not include a demo.

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