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teamed up and banned later

(This post was last modified: 12-01-2022, 03:13 AM by quickyu.)

Please watch the demo. Admin should be removed and those other banned. / grybai farmina ir dar banina po to.
Look at the demo closely, once i started talking they started to kill Stano pretending that there ot farming

Players involved: MersedesBenz, Stano, Terminator ( with russian letters)



Thank you for your report!
Please follow the format and include all the said details next time you make a report: https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=470. You also need to provide steamid of all the alleged offenders, otherwise we are unable to punish them immediately. In order to get somebody's steamid, you just need to type status in your console (press ~ to open the console).

The players will be punished if and when I'll get the chance to punish them. You can also send me their steamids on private messages whenever you fetch them.

- Approved.
-- Thread closed.

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