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Ban Appeal


Please owners i swear and take full responsibility of my brothers actions next time.He will not use hacks anymore he promises as well...
If he gets banned again then i shall never write an appeal again.I promise.Just please give him another chance.
Nickname : Foxy l PrIMe

please unban him as soon as possible i request all owners for this......
--Thank you for Reading--


plz unban Foxy l PrIMe



We decided to give you a chance. You are going to get unban but!
Your / Powers / Level / XP / will be reseted all to 0.

-Thread Closed.


Another thing I would like to point out is that your progress will remain intact, we are specifically talking about your borther's account, which is 'Foxy l PrIMe'. This means that all of his progress has been reset. Additionally, this IS and WILL be the very last time we will give you yet another chance. Whether you blow it or not, that is completely up to you. But if your brother will hack again, we will not unban him anymore.

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