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Ban Appeal


Dear owners
         Im writing this appeal again so that you will unban my brother from the server (lol he wrote an appeal already wtf is this english XD)* .I know my friend Foxy l PrIMe got banned again but please...please
unban him. Because of him i am also not able to play with my nickname as the ip got banned. Me and him play on the same computer
and that's the reason i cannot play as well.
I request that you unban the nickname Foxy l PrIMe again please. As a proof i have sent you the dem file.
Please dont accuse me for my brother's actions and i swear he will not cheat ever again..
dem file:

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Hi there,

I do not know who played you or your brother. But for sure you or your brother used Aimbot.
I have just checked the demo you sent me and who ever played he had some hotkeys on the Aimbot, to turn on and off the auto-aim.
Not only auto-aim is to see in the demo, also trigger bot since, as human the player turns fast to the zombie direction and shoots automatically.

In the demo: (Few proofs)
From 01:17:00 - 01:22:00 auto-aim
From 14:17:62 - 14:20:00 is crealy possible to see 100% auto-aim and trigger bot.

-Thread Closed.

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