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admins always abuse it!


admins (Little, Armanis and others) use (Join to spectators) when zombie always.... someone can fix it??



Whenever making a report, you need to provide a sufficient amount of evidence to prove their guilt (demo or screenshot, but demo preferably). You can upload your evidence to any online cloud service and then just post the link here. Some of the websites you may consider include:
- mediafire.com
- zippyshare.com
- upload.ee

If you do not know how to locate your demo, watch this YouTube tutorial for a better insight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBGz9p4c...=ProLeGeNd. However, instead of trying to find the demo mentioned in the tutorial, locate the one that is named '[CSGAMERS]_Umbrella_Swarm' in your 'cstrike' folder. Considering that the server records and saves the demo automatically, you don't have to worry about the recording part, but do remember that each time the map changes, the previous demo version is overwritten by a newer one, so make sure to exit the server before the map changes so you can preserve the evidence.
Additionally, you have ignored the appropriate section, the appropriate format and the appropriate details you would otherwise typically include in the thread whenever reporting any abusive admin. If you wish to reiterate the report, please use this format accordingly: https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=471 and post your report on this section: https://cs-gamers.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=17.

If you wish to make a suggestion, then focus on the premises of the problem and don't blame and/or mention specific players responsible for the action. Suggestions are intended to mention the problem, the cause of it, and the possible solution to it. Stating a baseless fact will not help us nor you get rid of the persisting problem in the server.

-- Thread closed.

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