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Report Skilar


1. Rule-breaker's username: Skilar
2. Which server (zombie swarm or riot): Swarm 
3. Rule-breaker's steamid: "SKILAR" 1039 STEAM_1:0:338391264
4. Explain the situation: Camping, when i asked him for camping if he was camping or he had lag problems he said go          ahead and Report ! as i know if u would be afk u can be afk on t spawn maximum 3 rounds, thats all.  
5. Proof (demo or screenshot): https://www.mediafire.com/file/9ohcqridl...5.mp4/file
6. Timestamp (at which time in the demo can we see the rule being broken): this is a small video



Frost sorry, but I will put my nose here hah.
First of all if you report someone you need to upload your demo not video.
Second thing there was no camping in your video at all, he was afk for couple second maybe less, and did nothing wrong at this moment.

I would say it's random report, wait for Frost respond. Smile



We definitely can't judge whether or not SKILAR was actually camping, as in this footage you provided he was just standing still for like 2-3 seconds, which really isn't that big of a deal at all.
You will need to provide a full demo, so we can see everything that happened. Please upload your demo and post it here as a reply.

Waiting for your updated response.


Hi, I'm not going to watch the demo bcz I know I'm not camping,

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Demo Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/gu5zkuw95...r.dem/file
timestamps : from minute 18 to the end. Watch the kill list from minute 18. Skilar didnt do anything like killing humans or gets death
and as i can see in the rules Camping isnt only staying in the corner , this is a screenshot


note : The time is not specific. If it had been specific for more than what Skilar did, I would not have reported him. Thank you!

suggestion : @Frost if u see this time of camping is not important, In your next update of the rules add a specific time for camping and thanks <3

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SKILAR told me that he literally took a sip of water. Accusing a player of camping for literally just standing still for a couple seconds is just ludicrous. I do that very frequently myself, especially if and when I am DMed on Discord.
The rules for camping, stating how long a player can stand somewhere or whatever will not be updated. It is self explanatory that you shouldn't purposefully sit in a corner, wait for humans to passby, do it repeatedly or generally avoid attacking humans would result in you getting warned or banned. Generally, anything above 5 seconds of sitting in a corner and waiting for humans would be considered camping. But, again, this does not apply if a zombie is simply standing still and AFKing.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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