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Admin abuse



There are some instances during the demo you provided where you camped.

1:30 - 1:35
4:10 - 4:20
4:39 - 4:42

Sure, you could technically argue that you were there for merely a few seconds, but you explicitly went into a corner and waited for a human to pass on multiple occassions. Players have been warned and banned for camping in a corner on numerous occasions in the past and you are no exception. The rules also clearly state that if you do this multiple times, that can become a problem. Whether or not you are a retired staff, it does not matter. The same rules still apply to you. You should be ashamed of yourself thinking that you are above the rest in terms of the server rules.
@FuXurY, you should be more vocal when it comes to warning players to avoid such confrontation. As I've said before multiple times, I did not take you as a supervisor so you could be a tyrrant and ban people without informing them that their actions will lead to their ban. Avoiding issuing warnings to a player is only accpetable if that specific player has violated the same exact server rule on NUMEROUS occasions, instead of doing it once in a blue moon. Also, I don't like that you call people "bots" or act like a hothead or like you're a big guy on the server. You are not the big fish in the water, and I would like to remind you to know your place.

@Pohuva, you have nothing to do with this report. You have repeatedly been toxic and have targetted fuxury for anything (even when he didn't do anything wrong) and constantly involve yourself in matters you shouldn't. If you will continue with such kind of behaviour, you will be permanently banned from both Discord and forums. So, please, think about what you're doing and stop pushing your narrative onto other people.

- Thread closed.

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