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Requset Supervisor


  1. Requirements for the entry [write '+' next to the requirement you have completed, and write '-' next to those, which you haven't yet completed]:
       * You must be at least 16 years old +
       * You must be an active player in the server. + 

       * You must have at least one recommendation from one of our staff members. + 
       * You must be a member of the community for at least 6 months. + 
       * You must have at least 200 hours of play time in the server. - Because I had a ban of up to five months, and I could not access the server, I spoke with the owner and the issue was resolved <3
       * You must not have received any warnings and/or punishments in the past.  + 
       * You must have an official (steam) version of 'counter strike 1.6'. + 
       * You must be experienced as an Admin. + 
       * You must have an intermediate understanding of English. + 
       * You must have reported at least 3 rule-breakers (it doesn't have to be cheaters only). + 
       * You must have posted an introduction thread on forums. + 
       * You must be willing to fulfill your duties as a Supervisor, obey the rules yourself, and listen to other staff members. + 
       * You must be active on all community platforms - the server, the forums, and discord. +

      2. Supplementary information form [fill in the gaps and answer the questions]:
         * Your in-game nickname: Shrbo5x
         * Your Discord: shrbo5x
         * Your age: 17
         * Your timezone: GMT+3
         * Link to your introduction thread: https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=1543
         * Links to your reported rule-breakers: https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=1535 ; https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=1533
         * Link to your stats (use gametracker): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/...ry=Shrbo5x 
         * What is the role of a supervisor? : To be respectful with all players, silence players from insulting strangers, and help new players

         * Can you manage other languages besides English? : Arabic , English
         * Have you contributed to the community in any shape, way, or form? (it doesn't have to be donations only): Unfortunately no :]
         * How experienced are you as an Admin? What is your past experience? Describe it : I have a nice experience as an administrator and I have tried it on other servers
         * Which staff member recommended you for this position, if any? : {!AMRO!} , abo db3e 
         * Why do you want to become a Supervisor here in particular? What makes you think you should be accepted over other possible candidates? What makes you stand out? : treat everyone with respect and love to help out new to valet and will do my best
         * What kind of skills/experience, knowledge or understanding should all staff members be necessary to have? Which do you have? : I try to solve all the problems that players face and help those who are new to the server
         * What can you bring to the community? : I do my best at work
         * How much time do you spend on the server daily on average? : 1-3 hours , because i work
         * How long have you been in this community so far? : a year ago

      3. Questionnaire [provide responses to the following questions or scenarios]:
         * What is a 'wargods' application? Explain its purpose and usage. : it is a program to detect cheaters and players who use illegal files

         * A player claims that they do not know what a 'wargods' application is upon request to do a scan. What do you do? : to tell him how to act step by step until the end
         * What AMX commands would you use, if you needed to: slap/slay, kick and gag a player? : amxmodmenu or amx_slapmenu , amx_kickmenu , amx_gagmenu
         * Provide an example of how you would ban a player from the server via the console. : amx_ban "name" "time" "reason" 

         * A 'flamewars' breaks out between two players. How do you respond? : i try to calm them down and help to solve the problem, if they don't calm down i give both of them a short gag period 5-20 mins, after that i try to understand what happened and see who started the flame betw
         * You encounter an abusive admin. What is it that you do? i warn the supervisor of his mistake, and if he does not respond, go to a senior official and explain to him what happened with the guide
         * You suspect someone of cheating, but you are not completely sure. How do you act? : i ask the suspect to provide wargods scan so i can be sure that he is not cheating.
         * A player claims they were not aware of the server rule that they broke. What do you do? : i give him a warning, but if he does it again he will be punished
         * A player breaks a server rule, but leaves before you're able to punish them. How do you proceed?: use amx_last and use amx_addban 'name' 'time' 'reason'


no, because you're a kid who reports about everything

[B.S.F.] B3RLIN known in cs-gamers as Swarm - Berlin


you do not speak and you do not know what the truth and the law are, so you must remain silent. and thank you, my child



Your English skills are not proficient enough for our requirements. We are also not looking for additional staff members at the moment.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.


Hi, one thing there is no staff members like AMRO or abo ab3e, so they can’t recommend you as staff members. For now no, I would like to see you as admin or s.admin on the server, how would you deal with such a position.

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