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Report Shrbo5x for spamming reports and spreading his cringe in forum


this post is just for fun and laughing, please staffs tell him to stop this cringe  Confused

1. Rule-breaker's username: Shrbo5x

2. Which server (zombie swarm or riot): CS-GAMERS.NET | Zombie Swarm + GunXP

3. Rule-breaker's steamid: STEAM_0:1:586201583

4. Explain the situation: it's been long time didn't take a look here i came to laugh on reports i saw this kid making alot of reports he just search for mistakes of people and report them 

5. Proof (demo or screenshot): hhhhhhh no need just take a look on report section you will find lotta reports by him and stupid reports

6. Timestamp (at which time in the demo can we see the rule being broken): idk



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What are you saying dude?


Do not shit-post anymore or you'll be warned.

- Thread closed.

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