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[font=Comic Sans MS]-[/font]You real name: amro
-Your age (not obligatory): 18
-What you do exactly in life (work, study...) : work
-Where in the world you live: palestine
-How do you spend your free time: play games pc
-What's the place that you always finds your self comfortable in: myhome
-Do you like school? (Nvm, I already know the answer):xd no
-What're your favorites songs/games: RUST , CS1.6
-What're your favorite meals: Grilled chicken

--What's the most country that you want to visit and why (it better be a reason): Egypt to visit the pyramids and ancient areas
--W-Your social information (Facebook/Skype/Twitter/Youtube/Discord/Instagram...):instagram. discord. ,facebook


-What do you think about our server : the mod and server system
-How long you've been playing cs 1.6 : 8 year

-What's your favorite cs 1.6 mod (zombie plague/cso/umbrella swarm/old school...) Confusedwarm umbrella
-What is most thing you like in server:weapon
-What is your best weapon:m3 dragoon 
-What new updates you wanna see in the future : New weapons

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