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copyright´s guide to become real thread on server


Yo so i have noticed that many players makes many mistakes that makes them killed easily so i came to share with you guys my tricks based on 3 years of experience 

First of all what you need is good weapons. I reccomend using uzi until you unlock mp5 balrog or xm balrog then get m3 dragon everything else is trash
It may not look like that but uzi is one of best weapons in game and is better even than to m4 grenade launcher in my opinion
As a secondary you should use skull-1 until you unlock balrog and then shooting star. As for knife you should use daedric since its pretty usefull when boomer blinds you so you can push him away safely

Ok so now lets get to gameplay tips.

1. Dont take more than you can handle. That means that you shouldnt fight 5 zombies at same time when you have no powers and your build is still uzi or balrog 
2. Always have escape plan. Well everybody knows that feeling when you are getting gangbanged from each side so in these cases you should have escape plan to dissapear instantly when situation will be getting hotter
3. Dont stay directly on zombie spawns. Even top players shouldnt do this btw
4. Know your surrounding to change positions and make zombies harder to catch you
5. Dont rely on your teammates they just want you dead so you wont steal their kills (including me. i rly like to push boomers with daedric knife on my teammates)
6. Hanging with pro players is kinda double edge axe since you will survive but they wont let you get many kills
7. And the most important subject... prestieges. You shouldnt buy any prestieges until you unlock all the weapons u want to use so that means at least until you unlock mp5 balrog.
Upgrading powers cost increases each time you upgrade it so if i remember correctly first upgrade is 1prs 2nd 3prs 3rd 5prs 4th 8prs and max 13prs so in total you need 30prs to upgrade one power to max i personally reccomend buying 10x prs for 1.2m since its cheaper. First things you should upgrade is Speed,DMG,Health,HP regen and respawn chance then you should go for faster shooting bonus xp and HE regen.

Now lets go on tips for zombie. I will tell you how to play each zombie correctly so you can kill anyone even players who have all powers maxed

1. Haunter. Haunter is very annoying zombie since he can jump arround players using hes ability. Use it on close distance and always use hes ability when its possible to avoid bullets, it can be used to distract enemy so your teammates will come help you.
2. Boomer. Boomer is one of most dangerous zombies in game. Hes ability works only on close distance so use it wisefully. You can use zombie grenade to push yourself closer to enemy and kill him.
3.Witch aka bitch. Very strong zombie that hits 90hp per slash and 170hp per stab if ability is active. I reccomend always waiting for ability to recharge and push with it, also dont push straight but move from side to side to dodge bullets.
4. Venom guard. Kinda mid zombie, 5 sec of immortality isnt much tbh but still if its used correctly it can mess with your enemies pretty much. I reccomend using ability at the moment when you get attention from your enemy bcz you need to use your 5 sec of immortality to its full potential.
5. Deimos. This zombie is kinda trash so idk what to say.
6. Spitter. This zombie is very OP when you use it correctly, it deals 75dmg on ability. I reccomend sniping from large distance, IK it is hard but at least it will annoy your enemy.
7. Smoker. This zombie is probalby most annoying zombie in game. Its eazy to play and really dangerous. All you need is to stay at spawn and pull all the humans in spawn and you teammates will do rest.
8. Charger. Charger is my favourite zombie since it can be used on any distance very effectively. Just aim well and you will dominate server
9. Tank. Tbh this zombie isnt that good since all players targets you and then you get freeze + m3 dragon ability and you are done. but if you will keep your distance and use your ability to snipe you can be actually real thread

about zombie powers... upgrade them after you will upgrade all the human ones


sick guide, will deff help new players

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