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Anti-Map locations

(This post was last modified: 03-07-2024, 04:30 PM by Frost.)

UPDATED: 03/07/2024
After a long request, we have finally decided to do it. To avoid any misunderstandings, arguments and speculations, the below-mentioned locations are going to be considered as anti-mapping from here on. If more locations will open up for the debate, then the list will be updated periodically in the future, but these are the locations that I managed to compile for now. By being in any of the below-mentioned locations, you will be considered anti-mapping, meaning that any admin catching you doing so will be permitted to warn you or ban you for violating the server rule.

[Image: Italy1.png]
- Balcony near the zombie (terrorist) spawn. While it is relatively easy to get to with the knockback bomb if you are closeby and smokers can also many times do the job, it is still painstacking for zombies and humans should not be in this location.

[Image: Italy2.png]
- Bigger balcony near the central market. Zombies are required to use their knockback bomb in order to get here, making it very difficult to fight humans who are situated here.
[Image: 1.png]
- On the balconies in the zombie (terrorist) spawn.

2. DUST 2.
[Image: Dust2.png]
- The big box near the zombie (terrorist) spawn. Arguably one of the least contested locations and not really considered as anti-mapping by many players, but humans still get an upper-hand and it may still be difficult getting to this location if zombies are getting dominated over.

[Image: Inferno.png]
- The large balcony near zombie (terrorist) spawn. While easily accessible to zombies with their knockback bomb, it still gives a largely unfair advantage to humans, as they can clearly see zombies trying to get to them and combat them, preventing them from getting onto the balcony.
[Image: Yesyes.jpg]
- On top of the roof top-mid.

[Image: Assault.png]
- Both the lamps and on the containers stacked on top of each other in the zombie (terrorist) spawn. These locations are completely inaccessible to zombies or very difficult to access (even if they use their knockback bombs).

5. DUST 2002.
[Image: Dust2002-1.png]
- Above the map. Players are not meant to be here by default anyway and you are crouching every time you are on top here.

[Image: Dust2002-2.png]
- Above the pillars near the human (counter-terrorist) spawn. These locations are once again a bit difficult to access for zombies, so do not stay here.

[Image: Dust2002-4.png]
- Above the pillars inside or near the zombie (terrorist) spawn.

[Image: Dust2002-3.png]
- On the ramp above the canal and right next to window of the the human (counter-terrorist) spawn. Keep in mind that the ramps you see in the background ARE NOT considered as anti-map, seeing how zombie players can still access both of them very easily, without even having to use their knockback bombs.
6. DUST.
[Image: 1.png]
- On top of the doorway.

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