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Hello People


-You real name: Flakron
-Your age (not obligatory): 22
-What you do exactly in life (work, study...) : Work/Study
-Where in the world you live : Kosovo
-How do you spend your free time : Playing games
-What's the place that you always finds your self comfortable in : Playing games
-DO you like school? (nvm, I already know the answer) : Not much
-What're your favorites songs/games : WWZ / CS 1.6 / COD:MW / 
-What're your favorite meals : Burgers (ofc)
-What's the most country that you want to visit and why (it better be a reason) : Greece/Thailand - Great seas for vacations
-Your social information (Facebook/Skype/Twitter/Youtube/Discord/Instagram...) : Discord - Lon1#1909


-What do you think about our server : It's scaled nice with the XP needed to reach but a bit high
-How long you've been playing cs 1.6 : Since 2008
-What's your favorite cs 1.6 mod (zombie plague/cso/umbrella swarm/old school...) : All of zombie modes
-What is most thing you like in server : The upgrade time grinding
-What is your best weapon : AK47/M4
-what new updates you wanna see in the future : the prices of buyin VIP/Admin being cheaper.


Yo my friend welcome


Hello there Flakron,

welcome and thank you for joining our community!
We really hope that you'll have great time playing and staying in CS-Gamers. If you've got any questions, problems, etc. feel free to let us know.
Enjoy Big Grin

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]


Sup. dude good luck!


Hello and Welcome in our community


Welcome Flakron,
Have a great time here.

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