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Supervisor Application


1. Requirements for the entry [write '+' next to any requirement you have completed, and write '-' next to those, which you haven't yet completed]:
      * You must be at least 16 years old.
      * You must be an active player in the server.
      * You must have at least one recommendation from one of our staff members.
      * You must be a member of the community for at least 6 months.
      * You must have at least 120 hours of play time in the server.
      * You must not have received any warnings and/or punishments in the past.
      * You must have an official (steam) version of 'counter strike 1.6'.
      * You must be experienced as an Admin.
      * You must have a moderate understanding of English.
      * You must have reported at least 3 rule-breakers (it doesn't have to be cheaters only).
      * You must have posted an introduction thread on forums.
      * You must be willing to fulfill your duties as a Supervisor, obey the rules yourself, and listen to other staff members.
      * You must be active on all community platforms - the server, the forums, and discord.

      2. Supplementary information form [fill in the gaps and answer the questions]:
        * Your in-game nickname: NorY
        * Your Discord: NorY #1766
        * Your age: 19
        * Your timezine: GMT2+
        * Link to your introduction thread: i never make it
        * Links to your reported rule-breakers: i reported always at the admin who was available at the server or discord
        * Describe the duties of a Supervisor: The duties of supervisor are: to help players and admins also, see if admin abuse his privilege, to mean the report of players, to understand players , and the most important things are to know very well this mode, rules and cmds too. View the reports at Forum,Discord,Server
        * Link to your stats (use gametracker): https://www.gametracker.com/player/NorY/...195:27015/
        * Can you manage other languages besides English? : Only english and my own language that is albanian, others languages only the basics words that we learn watching movies
        * Have you contributed to the community in any shape, way, or form? (it doesn't have to be donations only): Well if i can call contribute this, i play swarm very much and i buyed different privileges
        * How experienced are you as an Admin? What is your past experience? I have enough experience, : I had my own Server also my own Host too before
        * How familiar are you with AMX commands? Can you give any example? : As i said i had servers and i was at different situation with cmds but the most that i told to new admins is amxmodmenu cuz the most important cms are there
        * Which staff member recommended you for this position, if any? : No one did, i just wanna give it a try
        * Are you familiar with the 'wargods' application? Explain its purpose and usage. : Yes i am, i used it before and i ask peoples to do wargods scan at the servers when i was staf, this application will scan your cs files if u have any cheat will automaticlly detect your cheat, but never let a person who u ask to do wgscan to leave cuz he can quit the game and remove files.
        * Why do you want to become a Supervisor here in particular? What makes you think you should be accepted over other possible candidates? What makes you stand out? : I think i know this mode at a good point, i play this mode from 2016 and i just wanna try
        * What kind of skills/experience, knowledge or understanding should all staff members be necessary to have? Which do you have? : Well none can have all of abilities that have been mentioned there, but if staff talk with each other everythink gonna be easy for us
        * What can you bring to the community? :  I dont know what is much or not much but i try my best and my activity for sure
        * How much time do you spend on the server daily on average? : I spend 3Hrs at normal day cuz i work, but if i have free all day maybe more then 4-5hrs
        * How long have you been in this community so far? : Last year


You were toxic with other players so u have Small chance to be a supervisor

Good luck !

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Thank you for taking your time and applying for the supervisor role!

However, I do regret to inform you that you have not met our standards and requirements for this position:
*You have failed to follow instructions. It tells you to add '+' or '-' in the requirements part, otherwise we can't tell which requirements you have or haven't completed. Please read everything carefully before applying.
*Your proficiency in the English language is questionable and it isn't quite what we're looking for. Not that you don't understand English, but we strive to look for members who can communicate in English way more freely and fluently, so they wouldn't have difficulties talking to people on the server and outside it if necessary.
*You have not completed some of the requirements (such as posting an introducction thread).
*In some parts, you were extremely vague. It doesn't matter that you used to own a server, that is definitely not a contributing factor to implying that you would be experienced in your duties. You should focus on providing an actual description not only referring to your personal past experience.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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