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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This thread will consist of FAQ's that are brought up by some people fairly regularly. The thread will be updated overtime and will include more FAQ's if there will be urgent ones. However, I will primarily focus on providing answers to questions that do not require going into too much detail. There are already other useful threads discussing issues that players frequently encounter with.
1. Can I get free privileges?
Apart from applying for a position of a 'supervisor' or a 'youtuber', there is no way of obtaining an admin or super admin privilege without purchasing it or participating it giveaways, events. These are the following ways how you can potentially get a free privilege:
  • Players who reach 'TOP 10' on the server are eligible for a free VIP as long as they maintain one of their TOP 10 positions on the server.
  • As per the most recent update, players have the opportunity to receive free VIP during the times of 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM (GMT +2 time) if they are present on the server at this time. This is also regarded as a 'happy hour'.
  • You always have the possibility of applying for a 'supervisor' or a 'youtuber' role as mentioned above, but both of these roles entail specific requirements and will require you to work tirelessly in order to maintain that position.
  • Active giveaways and events are being hosted on the csgamer's Discord server once every month. In these giveaways or events, you have the chance to get some coins if you're one of the winners. To participate, you have to either react to the giveaway or participate in the event itself. Here, you will win coins (not privileges) that you will be able to spend in the shop to get some perks or buy yourself a privilege.
    Discord server invite link: https://discord.gg/9SFct22ZfC

2. Can I get free XP / Prestiges?
The only way of getting free XP without having to grind for it or collect loot boxes that are dropped around the map occasionally, is by typing '/freexp' in the in-game chat. With this command, you may claim 30'000 XP once every 12 hours. Other than that, the only other way of getting free XP is by participating in giveaways or events, winning them and then spending your coins on XP and/or Prestiges.

3. Will I get unbanned if I ask a staff member?
The unbanning process requires a thorough analysis of your incident, meaning that you are required to make a ban appeal and provide a demo in order to be unbanned in case you were wrongfully banned. However, if your ban was not false, then either you have to wait for the ban to expire or you may purchase unban via the shop. As soon as you log-in in the shop, it shows you that you have an active ban and you have the opportunity to purchase an unban. When purchasing an unban the first time, it will cost you 10 euros, but it will get progressively more expensive the more times you purchase it. If you will be seen evading your ban, your initial ban length will be extended to a permanent one and your account will be locked permanently if you will bypass your ban again.
Ban appeal: https://cs-gamers.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=15
Ban appeal template: https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=473
Shop: https://cs-gamers.net/shop

4. Can I test privileges?
Prior to purchasing the privileges, there is no way of 'testing' them. If you wish to get the privilege, you must buy it. There is no other way of testing it out, other than possibly getting to TOP 10 and seeing what VIP has to offer or winning enough coins from giveaways or events to purchase the privilege that you desire. You can already see all the features that you would unlock upon purchasing the privilege in the shop.
5. Do I get rewarded for reporting bugs?
As a matter of fact, you do! But it largely depends on the severity of the bug and whether or not it's an urgent issue that needs immediate attention. Subsequently, the amount of rewards that you can receive may vary depending on the circumstances, but generally you may get anywhere from 300 up to 3000 coins for your contribution.
6. Do ranks reset?
They do! After each month, the rank or the 'top 15' rating is reset and this is primarily done to give other players a chance to get to the top and subsequently maintain their position. The rank resets at the first day of the month every month.
7. My XP/Prestiges reset. What do I do?
As long as you register your username on the server, you should not encounter any problems of your progress resetting randomly. Typically this might occur if your steamid and/or IP address changes, or, most likely, your progress was revamped manually because of the rules you violated. In case your progress did indeed reset by its own, consider either contacting the server owner directly or make a thread on forums.
8. I have forgotten my account's password. What now?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to reset your account's password manually, but you should make sure that your password is not too complicated and that you don't share your account with anyone if you don't want to risk your password being reset. If you forget your setinfo password, you can reset it manually on the shop, but you will require to reach out to the server owner if you have forgotten your in-game password. Do not bother reaching out to ordinary staff members, as they are not going to be able to help you with your issue.

Other useful threads:
And as mentioned in the beggining of the thread, it will be updated overtime if additional questions will arise. You can always also reach out to our staff members to get a bigger picture or to receive some feedback.

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