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Your music taste


better music for me when i open the pc i listen to this
extazy (7/10)
frost (8/10)
zelphry (4/10)
noobgood (9/10


Wow this is going to be a long reply lol
Lucifer-YT - The video is produced very well it's just a shame I don't understand the language as it does look like he's spitting bars xD. I give it a 6/10

HoldMyGroza - Ngl I found the beat of the song very lacklustre and it felt very weak, on top of that once again I can't understand the language :/. 3/10

1st Frost song - The video and the song's production was excellent with a good amount of effects, I'm also a very big fan of the Camaro that they used in this video (don't take the piss out of me for that xD) but once again the language barrier just takes some points off for me. 7.5/10

1st Battle Yasuo I song - One of the best releases from NCS, very nostalgic with the memories it brings me back. 9/10

-ExTazY- - What can I say, 2 legends of the rap genre spitting bars on a beat together, what more can you ask for. 10/10

noobgood - When this song is playing, for me personally, I feel like I can achieve anything (corny I know...) but the remix is very well produced. 8/10

Zelphry - If the tempo was increased with a bit of bass as well, this song would be a banger but it just feels a bit slow to me. 5/10

2nd Frost song - It gives me Youtube video intro vibes xD nevertheless it's a very well-mixed tune. 7/10

2nd Battle Yasuo I song - It gives me a vibe of driving in the night through the rain, very relaxed and chill song (one of my favourites recently). 8.5/10

I've went with Irish house music, very underrated and it has a lot of very good music that is yet undiscovered


Battle (9/10) - have had the song in my play list for quite some time now. Very nice to listen to.
Eimiux (5/10) - an average song. Very relaxing and I could see this playing in the background, but not really something I would pay too much attention to.

This is a fairly chill and relaxing music. I typically listen to it when I just wanna chill.


Eimiux (7/10)
Frost (6.5/10)

a sound like it was coming from an electric bolt in the sky
i love this music

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