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1.cheater name: Battle Yasuo lol
2.cheater steamid: idk
3.wich server: Swarm
4.what the cheater did: i entered the server and saw battle yasou and another person playing against rick and neural, i think it was about farming, i know battle has a ban for farming,the player is top1 because he farmed bots, also while we play when there are strong opponents he walks around the map and gets 8-9 deaths to keep rank , also please if i am wrong , lets battle upload a demo.
6.timestampt: first 30 sec.

(This post was last modified: 21-11-2022, 01:35 AM by Battle Yasuo lol.)

part 1 when i was play vs two players : https://www92.zippyshare.com/v/Sm5QLprc/file.html
part 2 my demo : https://www92.zippyshare.com/v/NGhM1YTI/file.html
And also something else when doktor entered we were playing 3v1 [bot] and also when we killed bot and he was the last person in zm we killed him and when we killed him he entered doktor and when he entered he was saying about me that I am farming and of these things
And if you don't believe me, you can ask taxidromos ask him, he was Afk when he became zm and he told me I'm going to sleep to throw after that he came out



First and foremost, @Doktor, you definitely provided the wrong demo (the demo you uploaded is quite old already), so please make sure that the demo you upload is the correct one next time.
Judging by the screenshot provided by @Battle, as long as there's even 2 players and they don't teamplay with one another and engage in actual gameplay, simply killing bots in between is not considered farming.

In case you locate the correct demo, consider filing another report.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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