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The Real Me


-You real name : Guna Sahith Reddy
-Your age (not obligatory) : 20
-What you do exactly in life (work, study...) : Studying as of now... May start working in the coming year

-Where in the world you live : india 
-How do you spend your free time : mostly Swarm 
-What's the place that you always finds your self comfortable in : Library😂... Peace☮️
-DO you like school? (nvm, I already know the answer) : well, far better than college.... So yeah
-What're your favorites songs/games : Alan Walker is my hero...
-What're your favorite meals : Noodles or let's say like ramen
-What's the most country that you want to visit and why (it better be a reason) : I'd like to go to Vietnam.... Sightseeing
-Your social information : 
I'll give my discord... Keep in touch😌
Discord : Guna#5135


Hi, nice to meet ya. GL


Henlo nice to meet u Smile


Hello Guna,

It's nice to see you in CsGamers, old friend Big Grin
I hope you'll enjoy staying here!

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