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Important details about the shop

(This post was last modified: 26-09-2022, 03:03 PM by Frost.)

While for some people it might seem straightforward enough to use various features available in the shop, for others it is more complicated to get acquainted. Here are some details that might be useful for your expenditure on the shop.

The community's shop: https://cs-gamers.net/shop.

1. Delays in receiving your coins.
Upon purchasing the coins, you can expect a small delay before these coins are added to your shop's account, so refrain from spamming staff members that you did not receive the said amount of coins that you purchased immediately. Wait for at least 12-24 hours to pass, and only after that resort to contacting staff to receive assistance.

2. You have to use your in-game login details.
In order to access the site, you are required to use your in-game login details (meaning both the nickname and the password that you are using in-game). If you haven't already, register in the server by typing '/reg' in-game in the chat and register your account.

3. Wait for a map-change after purchasing a rank.
When buying any kind of privilege, it adds your account to the system with little delay, but you must wait for the map to change in order to have your privilege activated. If your privilege has still not activated after the map change (assuming that you purchased it at least 15-20 minutes before the map changed), contact the staff. However, it would be better safe than sorry to wait for another map change in case your account was not updated in time.

4. Leave the server before purchasing XP/prestige.
If you are planning on purchasing prestiges or XP, it is very important that you leave the server prior to purchasing any of these items. You may only return to the server after the transaction. If you fail to follow these instructions, the said amount of XP/prestiges that you purcahsed will not be added to your account, and you will have to contact the staff to get your issue sorted.

5. TheKiller (the owner of the server) is the only one able to assist.
While ordinary staff members, i.e., supervisors and forum managers, may generally be able to provide advise or a recommandations for a feasible solution, we are physically unable to add any balance to your account when it comes to encountering problems related to the community's shop. TheKiller is the only one who is able to sort out issues related to the shop, so do not scream at the staff members for being unable to assist you. Also, be patient, provide a clear and a succint explanation and do not spam any staff member. We are human, we have lives and we are busy, so be patient and wait for the response.

6. Items purchased are non-refundable.
We do not have a refund policy, which is why you shouldn't expect receiving any kind of refund when it comes to purchasing in-game items or ranks. When you purchase something on our community's market, the decision have been made and you will not get your money returned. Furthermore, your in-game rank (admin and/or super admin specifically) can and will be revoked if you will be found abusing the privileges and/or the server rules continuously. For more details, refer to the server rules: https://cs-gamers.net/showthread.php?tid=371.

7. Other purchasing variants.
Besides the traditional methods of purchasing ranks and/or items by using SMS/Paypal/Crypto or other potential variants, you are able to purchase steam gift cards or boost CSG's Discord server as alternative ways to receive similar and/or the same rewards that you intended to get. In this instance, however, you are required to contact TheKiller directly and inform him that you would like to make a purchase using this alternate solution.

8. Changing/adding your password ('setinfo').
You do not need any kind of assistance from the staff members if you wish to change or forgot your 'setinfo' details, as you are perfectly in the reach in doing so indepedently. Navigate to your settings in the shop (which is located in the top right corner), and there you will see the option to add your password. You do not need to type 'setinfo _pw' in the window or anything, you just type in your password, for example, 'abc123'. Now, make sure that your password would be well-protected and not easy to guess. After that, you must wait for the map to change for it to go into effect.

9. SMS-based transactions may have its limitations.
Transactions related to SMS may have its limitations in terms of your provider, meaning that your country might not be included in the list. Generally, we have a wide-range of countries available that support SMS-based purchases (rounding up to approximately 37 countries in total), but if your country is not included in the list (you can see the list on the top left corner whenever you press on the 'pay by mobile' button), you will have to resort to other payment methods. Additionally, you can expect the prices for the said amount of coins to fluctuate depending on the region you reside in, considering that the taxation for each service provider is different for each country.

10. Frequent giveaways
To get the community involved and to provide the opportunity for people who are unable to purcahse any of the aformentioned items or ranks, we organise regular giveaways, whereby we give away certain amount of coins to specific people. This is completely free-of-charge and anyone is allowed to enter. In order to do so, you must join our Discord server, as all the giveaways are organised there.

For further questions, consider contacting our staff members.

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