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Xbox game pass ultimate (2 months)


Hello Guys 

It’s been a while when we didn't make a giveaway here at forum

Today I am giving away 1 xbox ultimate game pass code (2months)

How to join it:

You must add your name and choose a number from 1-30

1.You mustn’t add any other letters/numbers/symbols

2.You can’t post 2 times

3.Also if you try to open another forum  account owner can see and you will be penalised

4.At the giveaway we need atleast 10 participants 

5.Winner will be choosed after 2 days 

Good Luck 😉



Yo Gonna be the first one . ALiVe choosing number 13 xD Good luck xD


i have 2 of these xbox 2 months codes too, if anybody cares about it i can do a giveaway.


I also have a code for anyone interested in Xbox


That's nice Big Grin

Name: extazY
Num: 9

[Image: b_350_20_692108_381007_ffffff_000000.png]


name: myckey
num: 7

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Just 3 OK

Congratulation MYCKEY you win!! 
Comme discord

thread closed

(29-07-2022, 05:44 PM)simo Wrote: Just 3 OK

Congratulation MYCKEY you win!! 

Comme discord

thread closed


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