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Admin commands

(This post was last modified: 18-02-2022, 01:38 PM by Frost.)

Upon purchasing a privilege (Admin or Super Admin to be more specific), you are granted access to certain commands or, as they call it, “flags”. These flags enable you to do specific actions to ascertain control and to ensure stability in the server. This is why the abuse of any of the commands that you are granted the access to can and will result in consequences. For all means and purposes, you should focus on using menus that otherwise do everything automatically for you already to avoid any confusion.

Commands (these commands have to be executed in your console in order for them to work, press ‘~’ in order to open your console):
  • Banning a player from the server;
    - amx_banmenu (which would open a ban menu where you would be able to choose a specific player, reason, and ban length),

           - amx_ban (banning somebody manually) -- amx_ban time (in minutes), steamid, reason.
                      For example: amx_ban “60” “steam_0:1:1:24242” “Naughty boi”
  • Kicking a player from the server;
           - amx_kickmenu (which would open a kick menu where you would be able to kick a specific player without the need to type their username),
           - amx_kick (kicking somebody manually) -- amx_kick username, reason.
                      For example: amx_kick “Frost” “Gtfo”
  • Slapping/slaying a player;
           - amx_slapmenu (which would open a slap menu where you would be able to slap/slay a specific player),
           - amx_slap/slay (slapping/slaying somebody manually) -- amx_slap/slay username.
                      For example: amx_slap/slay Frost
  • Gagging a player;
           - amx_gagmenu (which would open a gag menu where you would be able to gag a specific player by ignoring the tag and the need to include the time),
           - amx_gag (gagging somebody manually) -- amx_gag username, a/b/c (a - normal chat, b - team chat, c - voice chat), time (in seconds).
                      For example: amx_gag “Frost” “c” “300”
  • Starting a vote;
    - amx_vote (which would allow you to create custom votes - should be used to determine, whether players want the map to be changed or not only),

                      For example: amx_vote “Change Map?” Yes No
           - amx_votemap [map] [map] [map] (which would allow you to start a map vote manually),
                      For example: amx_votemap “de_dust2” “cs_max” “cs_assault”
           - amx_votemapmenu (which would open a menu that would allow you to pick certain maps and that would start the vote afterwards automatically).

Semicolons need to be included if your ban reason will consist of more than one word. Do note that you need to keep this in mind only if you are banning or kicking somebody manually. It is also important that you do double semicolons instead of single, so “” instead of ‘’.
You can find all the necessary commands in amxmodmenu, so you don’t have to memorize all of them. You will be able to find all the menus (slapmenu, votemapmenu, kickmenu, and banmenu) here. For quicker apprehension and reaction, using already-prepared menus specifically designed for certain actions is definitely recommended.
There is not a command for warnings. You must verbally warn players for misbehaving and ignoring the server rules, and you must memorize whom you warned and whom you did not.

The commands listed in this thread are only the most important for administrative duties. You can find all admin commands that are included in the ‘amx mod x’ plugin here: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Commands_(amx_mod_x).

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